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I am an HR & OD Professional with over 25 years experience in the public sector.  I currently run my own consultancy business, but prior to this, I was an HR & OD Director for 8 years in large and complex NHS organisations.

Since setting up my business in 2012, I have worked with Duncan on several occasions.  Duncan has worked with me with one of my key clients on a revised approach to recruitment, using Talent Management metrics to support the organisation to get the right people now and for the future. 

On a separate assignment with a different client, Duncan developed and ran a 360-degree feedback process for me.  This was to support a very complex and sensitive investigation.  Duncan was able to pick up the threads of the issues involved, develop a bespoke 360 tool in a very short time period and ran the process to timescale and to an extremely high standard.  He was mindful of the sensitivities involved and was extremely insightful and thorough.

Duncan is a very calm and assuring presence, he has a responsive and facilitative style, he was flexible, approachable and always delivered high quality outputs.

I will continue to work with Duncan in the future and commend him to you as a high quality, responsive, flexible and assured individual.

Roger Wilson

FCIPD, Roger J Wilson Associates Limited

I worked with Duncan on an outplacement basis after redundancy. Duncan helped me to appraise my skills and experience, and coached to me to use my strengths and focus my search for work. He offered a lively and insightful understanding of key tools and habits for success, was encouraging and positive and shared his excellent knowledge of current employment markets. Putting my learning into practice enabled me to secure a new opportunity within just a few weeks – a very successful outcome!

Coralie Morton

Quality and Improvement Lead, North Tyneside Council

I have known Duncan for a little over ten years and during that time have had many conversations on leadership, management and personal development. Our paths crossed initially when he assisted Your Homes Newcastle in developing a Competency based Framework approach to management and recruitment. The role he played was initially acting as an adviser in helping our Human Resources section develop the appropriate documentation and frameworks. This enabled a company wide analysis, using a 360degree approach to be undertaken on all Management and supervisory staff (approx. 100 staff). Duncan then assisted in developing and delivering a number of training and coaching programs. These were designed to reflect the company priorities and competency requirements but equally importantly the needs of the individual. There is no doubt in my mind that this project was very successful and was the beginning of our journey to achieving high levels of staff satisfaction and Investors in People Gold Standard and Champion status. Whilst national recognition is important the shift in both attitude and ability could be seen by all and I do recognize the contribution Duncan made.

More recently Duncan has assisted the newly appointed Director of Property in creating a new management team and structure and in so doing has applied his knowledge and views of talent management and ensuring people with the appropriate leadership and management skills are placed appropriately in the management structure. To assist in this Duncan utilized some specialist software from a company called ‘Chally’ a market leader from the USA which can assist in predicting how an individual’s skill set can be suitable for leadership, management and supervisory positions. In turn, he facilitated the introduction of bespoke team and individual Leadership/ Management training programs set against the outcomes from both Chally and individual interviews. I should stress that, as always tends to be the case, some difficult decisions were taken during this process and Duncan assisted the Director of Property in dealing with these situations. This resulted in a new balanced team who possess the blend of skills, knowledge and experience to develop and deliver the required outcomes. Duncan also provided dedicated support to the Director of Property throughout this period. Personally, I find Duncan’s style and knowledge of the many approaches to Leadership and Management development to be both sound and broad. He has a real sense of what will work and when. He is focused on delivering the right outcomes for those he works with and is more than happy to try new thinking and to reflect on past approaches. I have no hesitation in recommending him to others since I would engage him to work with myself in the future.

John Paul Lee OBE

Chief Executive, Your Homes Newcastle

Duncan provided us with outplacement support during a period of change management across a range of staff.  He devised specific programmes for individuals dependent on their skills and goals; understanding their needs swiftly he built a great rapport with individuals.  

I was confident in the support he provided and received very good feedback from the individuals involved. Would recommend and use his services again.

Claire Hall

HR Manager, MHM

I have worked with Duncan on a number of assignments in the last 15 years and I am very confident in his ability to work well with others and grasp the key issues quickly. His integrity and highly professional approach are always noted by clients along with his organised and planned way of working. He can successfully manage projects or tasks, to tight timescales when required, even where these are complex.

Hamish Moore

Senior Partner, Drummond HR

Duncan has been invaluable to our growth as a SME. He first came in to coach us about HR and the basic necessities we need to have as a company. He worked with a team of 6 people, with varying levels of general & business knowledge to help us understand the needs of HR. He showed us what we needed to do and made everyone fully understand why we needed to do them. The thing we took the most from the situation was that we were never bored. He managed to make something, that can be laborious be interesting and kept everybody interested.

Where Duncan has really helped us is in the second project we have had with him. He has worked with myself extensively to find out the needs of our business and where we are lagging behind in terms of staff performance. He asked me specific questions about our business and get to know, through talking to key members of staff, our processes and what actually happens when staff come into our company. Everyone who I have spoken to had the same feedback about Duncan. He was very respectful and was easily approachable. Very knowledgeable without being intimidating and that he made everyone feel like they were giving valuable information so people wanted to be more involved.
The outcome of the help he has given us is that we now have a specific plan to deal with people’s ‘journey’ into our company. This is starting to get implemented and already has had a huge impact on the way our staff have felt. It has meant staff generally have more belonging with us and performance has improved.

Duncan has also helped me and my business partner with leadership tactics. We discussed at length how our company works and what the most important roles are. We worked out ways of helping our team leaders improve and ways of getting them more involved with the business. The outcome of this was that we now have more stable team leaders leading to greater reliability in our performance.

I would highly recommend Duncan to anyone considering Business and Leadership coaching. He has made a big impact on the work we have done and I know that if I ever have any problems he will have no problem in giving bits of advice.

Joe Harrington

Managing Director, SMILE Fundraising

I have known Duncan for 10 years in my role as OD Manager at Your Homes Newcastle (YHN). During this time, Duncan made a significant contribution to a range of people initiatives that are now embedded in YHN including:
• Planning, organising and delivering a major recruitment and selection project
• Introducing and providing Psychometric testing services for both recruitment and development purposes
• Introducing the implementation of a 360 development programme for managers that included designing competences, briefing users and raters, managing the process, preparing reports, undertaking personal feed-backs and advising on next steps
• Specific programme aimed at increasing performance levels of underperforming managers in key roles
• Facilitating workshops
• Delivering managerial skills training sessions
• Designing and delivering key analytical input into a departmental restructuring project that enabled successful implementation of the project.
On a personal level, Duncan consistently displayed a highly professional approach to all engagements and activities that he fulfilled on behalf of YHN. Duncan is reliable, always well prepared and always willing to share his knowledge and expertise across HR and T&D matters.
He is very quick on the uptake and had the ability to quickly tune into the YHN culture, fully understanding the workings of a not for profit organisation that has to deliver appropriate housing solutions to customers, some of whom can be the most vulnerable and needy in our society.
Duncan has a very engaging manner with people, and this style proved to be very helpful for YHN when challenging conversations were required with certain employees, as Duncan could maximise his listening and empathy skills to reach the root of issues.
I have confidence in Duncan as an individual and always trusted him, without question, to carry out actions and activities within the organisation.

Sandra Archbold

OD Manager, Your Homes Newcastle (YHN)

I met Duncan during a networking event while working as a Business Advisor on the Skills Support for Workforce programme for NCG.  I found Duncan engaging and thought his vast experience of HR could greatly benefit the SME businesses we were supporting, so I introduced Duncan to NCG. He subsequently completed the process to become an associate trainer for the SSW programme.

During the period from February to June 2015, Duncan became an integral part of our delivery team. Based on a business needs analysis completed by the Business Advisors, Duncan was able to develop and deliver bespoke training programmes which ranged from HR policies and procedures, through to change management and organisational structures. Duncan has the ability to quickly understand and identify the culture of organisations and develop training content to enable a business to grow and develop. This level of expertise resulted in added value to our contract delivery.

Duncan got on extremely well with each of the clients he worked with and I believe he has continued to support some of those businesses to this day. I found Duncan to be extremely knowledgeable reliable and flexible in his delivery and was always helpful and willing to support less able members of the team when needed.

Due to ESF Funding this contract ended in June 2015, but I have continued to stay in touch with Duncan and I would certainly recommend him as a chosen business partner on your forthcoming contract.

If you require any further information, please contact me at jlee@ctp.org.uk

Jon Lee

Former Business Advisor NCG

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