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The key offer for our clients is growing their business, firstly by working alongside business owners, directors and managers to review their own development needs. They are then tasked with addressing people issues in their respective teams with the objective of developing high performing teams resulting in more engaged employees and higher performance levels.

This critical area is referred to in the ‘Managing and Improving Performance’ and ‘Management Development’ headings below.

Managing and Improving Performance

Appraisal programmes: 1:1 meetings: Performance interviews: Setting targets and objectives: Key result areas: Key performance indicators Designing and implementing individual development programmes

Management Development

Designing and running Development Centres: Identifying potential: Developing potential: Designing and implementing individual development programmes: Coaching: Mentoring

Organisational Development

Planning for and managing change: Organisational structure: Roles and responsibilities: Strategic planning: Workforce planning: Succession planning: Identifying and developing future talent: Organisational vision: Values

Employee engagement

Staff surveys and reviews

Team Building / Team Working

Identifying roles and skills: Team dynamics: Communication: Values: Strengths and Developments


Designing and writing training programmes: Personal Development Programmes: Designing and running workshops and seminars

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