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Performance – Appraisal – Behaviours – Learning – Objectives

PABLO is a web based tool that looks beyond the tedium of annual appraisals and empowers your employees to take responsibility for their own performance. This has the potential to transform your business

PABLO enables all employees to agree SMART objectives that align with departmental goals and linked to the strategic plan. A self-driven performance approach helps remove the dread of annual appraisal and having them ‘done to you.’ Instead, performance becomes a natural part of the job, promotes continuous improvement and identifies genuine development needs.

PABLO cultivates a more robust working relation between line managers and their team members, improves communication and understanding of the bigger picture, fosters greater employee engagement and acceptance of change.

Probably the greatest benefit of PABLO is the end of the days when managers spend countless hours preparing for staff appraisal meetings that are invariably ineffective. Instead, PABLO allows managers to focus on proactive leadership, direction and support – and all focused on helping staff become successful in their jobs.


Lead Now Self Assessment is ideal for:

  • Individuals seeking  personal improvement in their current leadership role
  • Individual preparing for or transitioning into a management or leadership position
  • Leadership teams looking to secure the right ‘fit’ for individuals

Lead now is an on-line self assessment that provides participants with critical information on how their leadership effectiveness aligns with their leadership preferences (what they like to do) and how they can build their leadership capabilities. This will help you become a more effective and authentic leader.


360 degree feedback reports help users discover how their behaviour is perceived by others. This insight enables users to understand how to maximise their strengths and plan how to improve their performance in development areas.

The 360 degree feedback process is very straightforward. A pre-determined set of competency based questions are agreed beforehand and an on-line questionnaire is completed by the user and an invited number of people within the user’s workplace network. This network normally includes the user’s line manager, colleagues and team members. It can also be extended to include customers / clients and suppliers, if appropriate. Responses to the questionnaire are a self-assessment by the user and perceptions by those in the network.

The user can then compare their self-assessment with the perception of others. It is a quick and easy-to-use on-line process that results in a detailed Personal Feedback Report for the user. This enhanced insight and self-awareness enables them to accurately set direction for personal and professional development.


The 16pf on-line questionnaire (16 personality factor) is a highly effective tool that reveals potential, confirms suitability and helps identify development needs by establishing a fully rounded picture of the whole individual. This is achieved by measuring personality in both the professional and personal spheres. Its accurate predictions of behaviour and potential provide rich information for staff selection and individual development purposes.

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