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Who Would be a Manager?

Who Would be a Manager? The role of a line manager has always been a challenge for incumbents – often difficult and stressful with targets to achieve, legal compliance, managing staff etc. Two recent CIPD survey papers indicate that not only is the extent of the...

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Together: Stronger

Together: Stronger The Euros are over for another 4 years. An intriguing, but not particularly exciting tournament, won by a team who were efficient and workmanlike, rather than inspiring. Not that the Portuguese will be too concerned by this opinion. The French,...

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The Number 1 Reason Why 50% of Managers Fail

The Number 1 Reason Why 50% of Managers Fail Jane was a highly regarded Chemist in a Pharmaceutical company who was promoted to Head Chemist. In this new role, she was responsible for managing the highly qualified team of Chemists, providing timely and accurate...

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